Grandma’s Apron

Rhonda Byrne

I remember when I was a youngster
My grandma would always be seen
Wearing a long frilly apron
To keep her house dress clean.
But as I think upon those years
It seems to me right now –
That apron did much more than that,
So let me tell you how.

Gran used it as a potholder
To remove pans from the fire,
And wipe moisture from her brow
When the heat made her perspire.
She carried kindling in her apron
And dried many a small child’s tears
Then with aid of a little spit,
She’d clean many a young boys ears!

It was used to carry poultry feed
Down the yard to the chicken run,
And for bringing back new laid eggs
For the cooking that had to be done.
She carried veges back from the garden
And returned with the scraps rolled in –
Her trusty frilly apron
To throw in the compost bin.

That apron polished many a shoe
And when Autumn came around,
Gran gathered apples from the laden tree
And strawberries from the ground.
When unexpected visitors
Were seen coming up the hill,
Dust was wiped from the furniture –
Then the apron hidden with skill!

When dinner time came around each day
Grandma stood on the back veranda
Waving her apron like a flag
So the men knew it was time to meander –
Back to the house and get washed up
Because it was time to eat,
Their plates set down before them,
That apron protecting fingers from heat.

She used it to cuddle a tiny weak kitten
And to keep her cold hands warm,
Then if she got caught in a sudden shower
It protected her hair from the storm.
But for all our gadgets and devices
There’s not one today, I can see,
That equals my grandma’s apron
For convenience and versatility.