Grandparents coping with life

Mrs J Hewitt, of U3A Shoalhaven Third Age Learning writes that a group meets regularly to discuss how their grandparents coped with life. Here are just a few of their reminiscences.

The gauze box into which meat was placed, as there were no refrigerators.

The vegie-man, the milko and the baker who called at the door.

“Poor man’s honey” – also known as “Cocky’s Joy”. Better known to us now as Golden Syrup. Delicious on Grandma’s scones! Grandma also made her own butter.

The grandma who could neither read nor write, but who had her own system for making sure that she paid a fair price for bread. She would hitch up the horse, have it drag a log down to the local baker’s where she would cut the log into pieces just the right size for the baker’s oven. The deal negotiated was – one log one loaf of bread.

The 1930’s flour bags that were washed and made into underwear.

The large roll of material purchased from “the man from Sydney” from which the family’s clothes were made for five years.